What mums think (according to a Quality Care Commission Survey)

A survey of NHS Trusts carried out in 2010 into Women’s experiences of maternity care in the NHS and England found that:

  • 83% of women said that they were given a choice about where to have their baby, but only 74% said that they were given the choice of having their baby at home
  • Of those mums who had seen a midwife for antenatal checkups, 43% had not seen the same midwife ‘every time’ or ‘most of the time’
  • During labour and/or birth 22% of respondents reported that they had been left alone by midwives for doctors at a time when it worried them and 29% did not always feel involved in decisions about their care
  • Only 25% of women had previously met any of the staff that looked after them during labour and birth.
  • Unsurprisingly the survey showed that if a woman had previously met the staff caring for them during labour, they were more likely to have confidence and trust in them
  • 21% of women said that they would have liked to have seen a midwife more often after the birth of their baby
  • Of those respondents who stayed in hospital after the birth 47% said they were not always given the information or explanations they needed and 37% felt they had not always been treated with kindness and understanding
  • Only 36% of women said that they had received consistent advice from midwives and other carers with regards to feeding their baby (breast or bottle), 22% said that they had not received practical help with feeding and 22% said that they had not received active support or encouragement
  • Only 20% of women said they had one midwife who looked after them during labour and birth.  43% reported that three or more midwives looked after them at this time (2007 Survey)
  • 65% of women felt they ‘definitely’ got the pain relief they wanted. 28% felt that they had ‘to some extent’.
  • 64% of women felt that they were able to move around and choose the position that made them feel comfortable ‘most of the time’ in labour





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