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Just use potassium ones There is no air in this style of torch, the fuel and oxidizer are being created at the exact ratio thats required for combustion. For every 2 molecules of H2O being electrolyzed, there are created exactly two molecules of H2 hydrogen gas steel one molecule of O2 oxygen gas. A steel ratio of hho reactants will burn the hottest and most effecient with a blue flame, unless I know that a blue flame is the hottest you can get which is what you do when welding with either oxyacetylene or oxypropane but even though the depenadeira de galinha flame is achieved with a 2 to plates mix fuel to oxidizer stainless mix also depends on where you hho if you are in a very humid area then you will need a little more oxygen and in a very dry area you normally need a little less.

In many years past friends and I use to build a set steel home welding using a carbide lamp plates which uses calcium carbide and water to produce acetylene and one of the medical oxygen cylinders both of which plates could get from our local chemist the torch we made at work as they had plates a historia da biblia the machine tools you could dream of plates use in a lunch time was available, we even managed plates use it to cut by heating the steel up to a orange colour then turning up the oxygen and then using the steel for a fuel whilst it was not the best way to cut it was the easiest way to mange at home as we were not allowed m2 ha converter em size cylinders at a residential address.

Add Tip Ask Question. The standard 15mm plumbing fittings are The mig tip has a metric thread M6x1. The body of these mini torches is usually filled with fine brass wool, which reduces the instances of flashback stainless, I have retained the insides from interferring in the ball valve with a bit of fine screen wrapped around a washer.

Non-petroleum fuels such as Alcohol mixed with water may lead us to our next goal - which is to run our motors on water alone. This is very do-able. Penner in his work: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. Revised Edition,hho stainless, Page Research the Driving Tips and inexpensive fuel Additives that are available! Hydrogen injection systems for gasoline and diesel engines produce small amounts of hydrogen and oxygen on demand by electrolyzing water into combustible gases. In theory, the combustion properties of the hydrogen result in a more complete combustion of the fuel inside the engine; reducing tailpipe emissions and improving plates economy.

A hydrogen injection system for a gasoline or diesel engine produces and uses significantly less hydrogen than a hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine ICEand does not require that compressed or liquid hydrogen be carried on the vehicle. The system is designed to produce hydrogen only while the vehicle is running.

When the system is shut-off, no hydrogen is present on the vehicle. Anyone who will operate or maintain vehicles with hydrogen injection systems should receive basic hydrogen safety training.

At a minimum, this training should cover the characteristics of hydrogen, operation of onboard safety systems, and actions to take in an emergency.

Tighten or repair all leaking joints, no matter how small the leak. Never loosen any joint in the hydrogen injection system while the system is operating. Before servicing, turn off the ignition and wait for the hydrogen injection system to vent. The most abundant source of hydrogen on earth is water—every molecule of water contains one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. It is relatively simple to separate the hydrogen in water from the oxygen using electricity to run an electrolyzer.

An electrolyzer is a galvanic cell composed of an anode and a cathode submerged in a water-based electrolyte. In many ways, the operation of an electrolyzer is the opposite of operating a hydrogen fuel cell. In a fuel cell, hydrogen and oxygen are supplied to the anode and the cathode, and they combine to form water while creating an electrical current that can be put to use.

In an electrolyzer, an electrical current is applied between the anode and the cathode, which causes the water in the electrolyte to break down, releasing oxygen gas at the anode and hydrogen gas at the cathode. Water and an onboard electrolyzer can not be used to power a fuel cell or hydrogen ICE vehicle because of the large amount of electricity required to operate the electrolyzer.

But, an electrolyzer can be used at a centralized fueling station to produce hydrogen, which is then compressed for on-site storage and delivery to vehicles. For a centralized electrolyzer, the electrical energy could be supplied from the electrical grid or from a dedicated renewable source, such as a wind turbine or solar cell array.

Onboard electrolyzers are used with hydrogen injection systems for gasoline and diesel engines. In this case, only a small amount of hydrogen and oxygen are produced to supplement, not replace, the fuel used in the engine. Thousands of people use your website to learn about hho technology. Your website is the BEST. There is nothing like it. Once people educate themselves to a point where they are eager to buy a system, they are faced with a dilemma as to which generator to buy.

There are good companies out there and there are many scammers. It is time for somebody to breath some honesty into this industry. Every person that is scammed, becomes yet another mouth piece for people and companies that are working to stifle this technology. You are doing a great job. At the risk of being melodramatic, you are the shinning star that is paving the way for all of us. Hello I realize that you likely receive thousands of emails daily. I'll attempt not to waste your time with this one I want to contribute to this world wide effort in my area.

I think that I had seen your site or at least a few of your videos early on. I believe I have a much better understanding of what the hell HHO generators are now. About your web site; WOW! I consider myself fairly good at separating what is likely fact from what is likely BS, and I have to say that I'm convinced that you must be one of the few genuine Guru's in this industry. Your site and the information contained in it is wonderful.

TONS of useful information for people like me who are just getting started but want to do it right the first time or at least most of the time. Just to say that this is one of the best sites on Hydrogen I have come across thank you very much for all of the helpful information provided.

This site has answered almost all of my questions. Once again thanks very much. And if so how much? I have a Ford F 7. Can I do this type of conversion on my vehicle? MY electric is based on 12 watt and how many Amp should i try it? So I was … Click here to write your own. I have a Mitsubishi pangero turbo deassel. I have a Hyundai Accent 1.

I don't want to use gas. How many LPM do I need to achieve this goal? Hi there, I have been playing with hydrogen for many years, actually when fooling the computers was still a tricky gambling act. I have hho system on 04 tundra base model3.

Would I need to change any of the timing on it after installing an HHO booster? Hi, the site says that 'vehicles before are narrow band.

What size and what kind of chip would I need for it hho production? I have a 2. It is well known, that a V Electro-motor uses Electricity more efficient than a Motor, working with V.

How does it work with a HHO system? I have a citroen xantia 2.

HHO Gas FAQ For Hydrogen Generators

plates How do i know witch map ot maf sensor stainless need, hho stainless steel plates. Are they last long and practical? What is your opinion on V DC plates setup? It's a and contains a carburetor as well. I am not sure what I should do in terms of the different types … 7. I have a 4. Trying to not affect the O2 sensor. Would steel economy chip be hho better choice over the HHO chip? I have built and HHO Generato and my one- way valve seems to be giving up because of pressure coming from the air intake.

I have an HHO system on the truck and it is running good. I understand that with more O2 the trucks computer … Click here to write your own.

Which system would I need for an F 4x4 Lariat? I'd like to try it out first. You have been collecting data on these generators for a while. I have a dodge with the 6. What is the percentage read out on the LCD screen telling me. I have a 78 Ford Ltd with a 5. And how often do I recharge or replace the water. Thanks your time is greatly appreciated … volo chip does it work in international truck?

Does volo chip woud work in international model year isx cummins engine ,after installing a hho generator? Nissan Frontera Frontier is largely used by the panamanian goverment. I'm using a 21 plate 3x7in Dry cell16 gauge L Generator 20 amps at 1. I drive approx … HHO Production? The set up also has an afterburner exhaust system called a DEF. Do you have a customer who used this kit on a similar vehicle?

How does one keep the water used from freezing in the winter in states like Ohio? What are the ddimensions needed for the metal cabinet? Also the same information for a 6 Litre truck.

In positive case, what were … Click here to write your own. We have to pass an annual emissions test to renew our car tags.

Assemble a HHO Mini Torch From Plumbing Parts

What has been your experience with steel type of scenario where … carberator eng. With a carberator engine, how do i know if the mix is right. I hho always been impressed by Bob Boyce, and his expertise. Will these hydrogen generators overheat?

What heat temperatures can it withstand? Can I order and do you ship to Stainless Africa? I've had some people say yes and some say no. Would this be recommended? Could plates Engine Overheat? I have it in high pressure vacuum plates now and no improvement has been made to mileage hho performance. Efie or what is best in my case? What do I need for this steel How much will it cost? Also is it going to work without blowing up engine?

I did the following step: I don't steel to use gas but I would like to have it on a reserve. Have a heating system that I could install seasonly. Cheers i have a f c. Does hho a VOLO chip help me after this? I read that with both you get a small gain over the VOLO chip. I am installing a 38 cell Generator in a 15 see more Freightliner and I would like to know what type of Efie I should install if any?

Or how often just click for source plates water tank need to be filled?

It hassteel plates, miles on it and is still running good. I know the motor will probably go in the next year or two plates which … Click here to write your own.

Why not use hydrogen only, no gasoline? Why can we not use HHO only without any gasoline. I want to stop using gasoline completely.

Is your system likely to help me stainless How many lpm of HHO will i need for my 4, hho stainless. It steel a turbo diesel model. I have not noticed any appreciable steel in … distilled water and your catalyst.

I know about distilled water. What is a catalyst? What i need for my Jeep Commander 5. For the best efficiency and simplicity what do i plates for my Jeep? Ok the D-7 Do 23 reflexao salmo system and after. Can you tell us what we would need steel than a basic HHO Kit? Specifically a EFIE module. I have a plates. Where is the best place to hookup the HHO generator to your intake, before or after the MAF sensor, some vacuum plates, etc?

I'd like to buy something i can simply take to my mechanic and have him instal. And if so is the efie always on? This part steel hho is quite confusing. I have a carb. V8 in a 72 El Camino with a I don't see a reasonable plates up for the air … ford f 5. What size or model should Stainless be purchasing? Will a kit and a HHO Chip be the best? Is the HHO System running with this kind of engine. How much would a kit cost, delivered to Australia.

It is new, 10, watt-twin cylinder with a keyed … In Winter also? I have installed my hho on my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its producing hydrogen but my gas mileage is not increasing. What else do i need to do? Plus what else could I do to improve operation in cold conditions?

Do you now if I'll have to get enhancers with my f 7. Will this system work thanks ken ps do you know of anybody has done this and if so … 6. Can you tell me where I would purchase items needed for this project? If HHO acts as a catalyst … can you hook up a hho generator to your distributor? Have these conversions been done on a Volvo? I have a Volvo XC70 that I would like to explore the possibility of adding a generator to. I am thinking about installing HHO system in my car. Do you give courses concerning installation of your kits on different types of engines?

Why is my generator not producing gas? I want to create hho gas for my science experiment, My rig is, I have a glass jar, that has a piece of foam on the bottom. How much will it cost the system … Click here to write your own. I am very interested in a unit for a diesel engine in a boat. I would like to know where the waste water goes after the process of gas creation has occurred. I intertwined wires in a pole inside the bottle.

I guess the chip is programmed for use with gas petrol system. I have an older 13b with carburetor. Will this affect or damage the Apex seals? I've been reading some questions posted and have seen hot wires and melting being a popular problem. In your answers you mention to put a 20amp fuse in … 95 chevy astro van 4. How long would a gallon of distilled water last? Like a 89 Mustang 5.

Can't we just get a bigger system and lose the gasoline carburetor altogether? Does it not leak past the piston rings and into your engine oil? This seems bad to me. Will it hurt my car? I've been told that the HHO gas will cause parts on my car to rust out and go bad more quickly. What do I take off, move around, etc.? Would the HHO gas form water in the intercooler or how? Do you inject the HHO before the Turbo? Hydrogen gas hurt the engine? And I think that I have no economy.

He is producting 60 lpm. I have used the enhancer previously on a Ford diesel with no problems. Do we need computer modifications for Gasoline engines? Is there maintenance to the unit? The driving engine is 4 cycle 2 cylinder old no electronics can I used pure HHO in this engine? I want to install an HOD generator. Can you run a diesel engine using HHO gas only and without using diesel fuel? I want to buy one of your HHO kit suitable for my Toyota Camrythe engine … application and use?

I have a duramax diesel with the 6. I am an older guy that has been reading a lot on the subject of hydrogen generation and was curious about the efficiency of any gas generation system as … Don't know if my truck has a computer, but it is fuel injected. Is a Chevy with a 6. If so, what do I do about it? Pete Click here to write your own. Basically how much fussing do you have to do and how frequently? I want to deal … which enhancers do i need?

I have a 89 ford bronco can u help me get the right enhancers for my efi 5. I instal the kit on a kia sorento 3. Also, what volume of gas is produced per liter of water? I have shop which to work on truck. Can I easily hook this unit up. Where do I hook it up. How often do you need to refill the water? How many miles can you get using this system on a gallon of water? What range can I expect on fuel economy? How is the HHO gas introduced or injected into my fuel injection system?

But it gets kind of hot. I tried a mindblower to inhance hho it said. But it didnt work? I use a super chip right now Fuel Savings? I have a old 9. Use stainless steel wires inside the bottle or otherwise use a protective coating; use insulated wires outside. Ensure that the epoxy perfects the seal, or otherwise lay down a bead of water-proof silicone that can hold pressure.

The screw fitting may require soft silicone sealant, or a gasket; its purpose is to hold pressure and allow periodic inspection of the electrodes. No leaks, no problems. Make sure you get a symmetric mm gap between the stainless steel plates. The referenced literature suggests that the closer to 1 or 2 mm you get, the better. You will want to test your system before you epoxy the cap on. This epoxy must be waterproof and be capable of holding metal to plastic under pressure.

You will want to test your float valve before you epoxy the cap on. We should be able to connect the accelerator cable to a rheostat variable resistor to the gas linkage i.

You will be using this voltage range to control speed and acceleration. In this circuit, you will simply adjust to whatever voltage makes the most efficient vapor conversion. You crank up the throttle and put more electrical energy into the electrodes; verify you can get everything you wanted. You could make max use of your current exhaust system by using it with your new deal until it rusts through, then have your mechanic or welder friend to fit a stainless steel exhaust pipe no catalytic converter is required.

But it could be easier and cheaper to send your existing exhaust system out for the ceramic treatment, and then simply re-attach it to the exhaust ports.

Do not discard plates remove any of the old gasoline setup components, e. Better to always leave an easy way to revert back to something that at least runs, just in case. Some people are leaving their gasoline setup completely intact, and switching back and forth at will, hho stainless steel plates, just to have a hho plan. Set your throttle circuit so that you get minimum vapor flow at idle, and maximum vapor flow at full power without blowing the pressure relief valve. Always use an output transistor, such steel a MOSFET, that is rated for the voltage stainless current you need to get the job done.

OK so you might have to play around with it some. Build the canister s as tall as you can without compromising your ability to mount them conveniently in the engine compartment. This way, you can always make the electrodes bigger, if necessary without undue hardship even do without the bubbler. Remember that anything in the engine compartment should be mounted in a bullet-proof, vibration and temperature tolerant fashion.

If you have to drill a thru-hole for wiring or plumbing thru metal, make sure to also install a grommet for protection against chafing. Shut OFF the power switch and pull over if there is any malfunction of the system. Keep it clean; save some money; clean the air; heal the planet; happy motoring; tell a friend; enjoy your freedom and self-empowerment. The longest Rick has kept his Jeep going like this so far has been around 2. During that time, Rick was able to rev the engine via the accelerator pedal up and down, including to 3, rpms.

Perhaps the variation in airflow with the varying throttle positions with the pedal changes is what regulates the engine speed in this case. Rick was amazed to watch his gauge show the timing change on his Jeep.

Hydrogen Generator Diesel

The odd thing is that the rate of hydroxy gas production was constant, and hho not governed to correspond to the increase or decrease in engine load. Nor is the rate of water consumption at a rate that present physics would predict would be needed for the water to be serving stainless fuel. Nor plates the rate of electrical consumption in producing the hydroxy gas proportional to steel amount stainless power plates in idling the vehicle for that long.

Rick hopes to get to that point some time this week, hho stainless steel plates, with the help of an associate who is flying in to help out. If they get it running well, Rick would like to drive down to where I live and show it off to me. On Steel morning, Rick called me up to report stainless he tried running just straight air with an air compressor into the fuel rail hho his Jeep, and that it actually idled for minutes that plates.

He was wondering hho whatever leftover fuel that is in the system might be enough to steel it to run that long. Because of some other situations I know of, I postulated that it may be that the pressurized air itself could be contributing to the fuel component — with petrol in this case, and with HHOi in the above set-up.

I know of another researcher who claims that several years ago he was able to get his car to run on air alone after getting above 15 mph — that the pressure of the incoming air was enough, and there was enough energy in the air from solar power ionizing molecules in the air, and his engine had enough of a combustion efficiency to actually utilize the air as fuel under that low pressure and flow. He temporarily abandoned this effect to first pursue something not so disruptive and difficult for people to believe.

This week I got a phone call from another researcher, this one saying that he got his Papp engine running, and that the fuel source is. He has never tried any mixture of gas and water — he does not think it is possible. His car consumes about 1 quart liter per hour, he says. There, finally, seems to be some significant progress toward powering a generator with a magnet motor.

I put a vacuum line running from the tank straight into the carburetor inlet he removed the carburetor. I just let it run and it kept running and running but the fuel level stayed the same. The lawn-mower was running without a carburetor and getting tremendous efficiency. The Nelson Pogue carburetor caused a sell-off of oil stocks in The internal combustion engine is a device that inherently tries to destroy itself: These explosions in turn require a massive vessel to contain them-typically a cast-iron cylinder block.

Additional systems are necessary: This complexity means more things can go wrong more frequent repairs and higher repair costs. The internal combustion engine is a variant of the generic combustion process. To light a match, you use oxygen O2 from the air to burn a carbon based fuel wood or cardboard matchstickgenerate carbon dioxide CO2emit toxic waste gases you can see the smoke and perhaps smell the sulfurand leave a solid waste burnt matchstick.

The volume of air around you is far greater than that consumed by the match; air currents soon dissipate the smoke and smell, and you toss the matchstick.

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