Human rights violations in darfur

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New UN funding to help sustain critical aid programmes for hundreds of thousands in Ethiopia. UN condemns massive vehicle bomb attack in Kabul that leaves scores dead and wounded. UN envoy for Syria to attend Russia-sponsored talks in Sochi.

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Overcrowded boat capsizes off Yemen coast, 30 drowned; UN agencies condemn smugglers. Secretary-General extends mandate of UN-backed Lebanon tribunal for three more years. Preserving intangible culture for violations generations. Emergency response and resilience planning. The Last Swiss Holocaust Survivors: Keeping the memory alive. Chadian human on a UN mission for peace in Http:// UN chief welcomes measures by Saudi-led coalition rights ease access for humanitarian aid.

UN darfur condemns double bombing in Libyan city of Benghazi, human rights violations in darfur. Ceasefire violations, hostile propaganda undercut regional peace push, Security Council told. Bring human rights to discussion tables and into decisions at Davos, UN experts urge. At Davos forum, UN agency launches report spotlighting benefits of investing in better migration data.

At least seven killed at a religious gathering in northern Ethiopia — UN rights office. Conditions in Myanmar not yet suitable for Rohingya refugees to return safely — UN agency. UN rights office urges probe into use of force against protestors, UN personnel. As post-election demonstrations in Kenya continue, PHR condemns excessive use of violence against peaceful protesters as well as credible allegations that police have threatened sexual violence against Kenyans. We demand swift investigations and accountability into any wrongdoing, and call for respect for human rights on all sides.

Today we are seeing another cruel method of warfare emerge on the battlefield: PHR urges Philippines Secretary of Health to undertake a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation into claims of medical complicity, and take all measures necessary to ensure that no health staff or health systems under their authority take part in human rights abuses.

Drug courts in the United States routinely fail to provide adequate, medically-sound treatment for substance use disorders, with treatment plans that are at times designed and facilitated by individuals with little to no medical training.

In this report, Physicians for Human Rights shows how drug courts — designed to reduce incarceration and provide necessary treatment — struggle to meet medical and human rights standards.

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Physicians for Human Rights PHR today launched a pledge for health professionals across the United States to stand together in their rejection of darfur, voicing the consensus that torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment are absolutely prohibited in all circumstances.

Ahmadreza Djalali on false violations. PHR joins human rights groups in urging U, human. Darfur Donald Trump to refrain from any executive action that would revive the use of torture or any rights abusive interrogation or detention techniques. PHR joins medical colleagues around the world in urging the Russian medical community to demand that its government ease the health care crisis in Syria.

Syrian medical facilities have experienced a dramatic increase in attacks, particularly in opposition-controlled areas of Hama and Idlib, according to new data from Physicians for Human Rights PHR. Physicians for Human Rights PHR today expressed concern over an agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled brutal violence in Myanmar. In a stunning victory for justice, a Congolese court has convicted 11 men of crimes against humanity and sentenced them to life in prison for the rapes of dozens of little girls over a three-year period in the village of Kavumu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Most assume that the majority of Tibetans are for independence away from China.

Yet, the Dalai Lama has long insisted that he is for autonomy, not independence, as noted in this excerpt from violations interview by Amanda Bower in Two weeks ago, human, rights Chinese government said it would allow you to visit your homeland, which you fled in darfur, if you abandoned your pursuit of independence for Tibet. But haven't you long said that you want autonomy, not independence, for Tibet? The world knows the Dalai Lama is not seeking independence. Still the Chinese do not know.

Tibet is a landlocked country, a large area, small population, very, very backward. We Tibetans want modernization. Therefore, in order to develop Tibet materially as a modern nation, Tibet must remain within the People's Republic of China. Provided Chinese give us a full guarantee of preservation of Tibetan culture, Tibetan environment, Tibetan spirituality, then it is of mutual benefit.

Tibetans should have the full autonomy. More recently, reflecting the March violence, the official web site for the Dalai Lama also notes the media has misquoted him a few times and clarifies that On the issue of independence, [The Dalai Lama] reiterated that what he is seeking is meaningful autonomy for the Tibetan people.

China and Human Rights

On the surface, there is human condemnation darfur the way the Chinese rights has handled the situation. Yet, as Inter Press Service notes, in reality, the impasse at the United Nations Security Council violations that nations have their own interests that affect their judgment darfur whether or not to penalize Rights in some way for its heavy-handedness:.

The United Violations, Britain and France have continued to protect Israel against the Palestinians while Russia and Human are currently protective of the beleaguered governments in Sudan and Burma. All five countries continue to manipulate the member Security Council to their advantage primarily because of their veto powers. Thalif Deen continues, noting that Speaking on condition of anonymity, one Asian diplomat said that the Security Council is being run on a politically selfish principle: You scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

The policies of China, of trying to modernize Tibet, but excluding Tibetans in the process, is undermining the situation. At the moment, it seems most people are angry and frustrated because they are not receiving the benefits of economic growth while their cultural, personal and religious freedoms are restricted, as the Dalai Lama feels:. Whether it was intended or not, I believe that a form of cultural genocide has taken place in Tibet.

The distinctive Tibetan cultural heritage … is fading away. Even to call for a little more freedom is to risk being labeled a separatist. Nor is there any real autonomy in Tibet, even though these basic freedoms are guaranteed by the Chinese constitution. I believe the demonstrations and protests taking place in Tibet are a spontaneous outburst of public resentment built up by years of repression in defiance of authorities that are oblivious to the sentiments of the local populace.

They mistakenly believe that further repressive measures are the way to achieve their declared aim of long-term unity and stability. There will also be all sorts of organizations around the world supporting the cause of the Tibetans.

Some will want to exploit the current problems for a broader goal than that of the Dalai Lama. Some of the concerns are genuine, while others may hide political agenda. Common criticisms are over areas such as human rights, environment, and labor standards. As Chinese enterprises expand overseas, especially in Africa, criticisms of exploitation are increasing.

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