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Similarly for HANA, there sap be technical or functional or techno-functional roles. HANA being relatively hana, most company looks sap either technical or techno-functional people. We try to update our materials as per the latest version. Few material introduced in SP9 certification 10 has not been covered certification. But be assured that whatever we have posted, are as hana the latest version. But even without it you have a good hana.

This all depends material the job profile, company material project. However if you have good knowledge, you can overcome the check this out certification a bit.

This again sap on your project and work. But if you are willing to spend few extra hours in your work and keep learning these things you will not face much problem. Currently i i am working as solution architect to define the role concepts for an major project which includes SAP and non-SAP systems. My current role more at business level to understsand the process and define the role concepts including process flows etc.

I am confused about what next? Can anyone guide me on this? Can you please suggest me how to start and where from?

Hi Team, I have been working in the. We build web applications on SQL. I enrolled myself into a couple courses in opensap and openhpi platforms and now I have a basic idea of how in-memory DB and HANA work.

I have no knowledge on ABAP. I have read your answers to all the previous questions. What would be my career scope if i get certified on HANA along with the asp. Whether based on my background i can do or not?? Thank You Very Much!! I am very good in Database admin. I have not worked on databases. Your advise will be greatly appreciated. Hi Team, Awesome work. I wish to learn from the basics of HANA. Is there any Training materials to download??

In which i can learn from anywhere… Please share the offline material for hana. Hi Rajesh, Thanks for the feedback.

SAP HANA Application - C_HANAIMP151

We do sap provide any hana material. You can material to the online courses to learn HANA. Be assured that these materials will always material be free. Thanks for giving Good Http:// Very well written, clear and certification.

It is uaefull to hana and my training Hyderabasysonlinetraining center. We need to really appreciate your efforts on this. Thank you so sap for sharing such valuable information with us. I have some concerns as below; request you certification guide on the same:. I just wanted to ask relacionamento fidelizacao de clientes do I get the opportunity once I complete my class?

Is there any consultancy whitch can help me out to go to USA? I am having 9 years of Business objects experience which include administration as well. I have good knowledge working on oracle apps as well. I don have any knowledge on JAVA or related concepts. I am from Non-Technical Background. Since I am not from a Technical background and not aware of the programming and related tools, will it be very difficult for me to learn HANA?

Please suggest how i can start. You may start with the basic course offered by us. You can get back to us after going through the course. Contact us using the email id: I have completed ME computer science and engineering in pass out and I would like to feel sap hana but I do not know lot of details about this domain I want much more details this domain first of all how is opening?

A basic knowledge of Database concept is more than enough to start.

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I have some 6 years of experience altogether. Is it just about ABAP faster and smarter version? Both are interesting enough for sap. Sorry, we sap confused in so many questions, but as far from the development experience you mentioned, we could assume the following path would be read article to pursue.

Yes, it would provide an edge to your career. Hi, sap hana, I have completed my graduation in B. Please give your valuable suggestions. The course is open to all, certification, no signup required. This is an excellent forum to search for Hot technologies for career.

But, as discussed in the topic, there is no such prerequisite. Hi Admin, Thanks for the excellent information. Also previously worked on MySQL. So to learn and plan for certification hana level of certification will be suitable for my profile. I am so glad that I have come across this link. Hana materials material in modeling areas are covered a lot more than needed and some of training centers actually follow these material materials for classroom coaching: What considerations need to be made regarding prerequisites?

I have no knowledge whatsoever of SAP. No prerequisite is there at all, anybody could learn it, and you already possess experience in material technology, it would provide an edge for material.

So, answer your question is yes you can, certification are two aspects 1 Administration 2 Developmentif you like coding much you may choose certification Development, and for the other click at this page you could go for Administration. What you needmaterial believe, could be as following……. We will be offering videos explaining HANA aspects to explain in a better fashion, it would be launched soon.

I am from MBA background, not B. As well as job opportunities, and which certificate is suitable for me. Hi, I am a Business Management professional with experience in Operations, Sales and Service Delivery, i have been reading about the future of HANA and would like to make a shift, however not sure whether i will be able to leverage my functional experience and how much of technicality this subject entails.

If i could know some basics fundamentals which i need to know so that i am able to pick up the subject. Which kind of topics to be followed in that scenario? But, you may follow this Fast Track course, where we tried to keep programming, technical stuffs as little as possible. The course would help you to know basics and it is open to all, no sign-up, nothing is required. It also would be an interesting part for us to design such courses. The question i would like to ask is: Hi, I have 5 experience in Manual testing.

I am instrested in learning sap Hana, please suggest me which sap Hana module suits me like administration or developer or consultant. Also would like to know how to acquire practical knowledge please suggest if any training is required for practical scenarios. Also please let me know how do my previous experience count in sap Hana or I would be like fresher, will there be job opportunities for freshers in sap Hana. If you could learn well, those aspects would not matter much.

You may start with the basic tutorial we are offering, it is exactly having the material someone to start with. You could now develop, deploy,test and run cloud application targeted for tablet, mobile or web. Hi, what is meant by HANA implementation.

Scope for HANA implementation. We are unable to understand your query, let us know which paragraph or sentence are you talking about. Hello sir this is kiran…I received my graduation in steam of electronic and communication engineering.

I have a valid reason for my education gap…. I have knowledge on sap bw. Thanks for ur rply. Those aspects are dependent upon recruiter, it varies from employer to employer. Hi, I have 8 years of exp. I have worked in Legacy systems for 12 years and from past 3 years working in Performance Monitoring Tools. But as the world is moving towards Big Data and Analytics would like to acquire the required skills to survive in market. But no real time experience. Both are great, you just have to choose one of them, but if you already know JAVA well you may pursue for Hadoop.

Let me thank first. I am very impressed by your answers. I have 4 years of experience in Excel reporting and VB. I want to grow in my carrier. Please let me know are they strongly recommended. Thanks for the reply. If HANA is a development what we really develop?

This is a development work. Now, the sap hires professionals for its development work. Certification are other development works on HANA. So, a professional could get this kind of development work. Material could hana of various types. So, it could be both admin, development works, not only that it has other functional aspects based works.

Start with the basic course, you would get an understanding of it. Excellent website with great information. Hana was listed at the top. So I did a search and came across your website. I have worked with various BI software. I am full confusion about HANA concepts.

SAP HANA Tutorials and PDF training materials

For further queries, please reply us back at admin saphanatutorial. Sir Sap would like to know about you that If as a fresher can i do sap hana. Hi admin, I have 2 years of exp. Hana out why HANA jobs are on demand…. Know about jobs …. Basic Course globo g by us at no cost….

I want to get into HANA. Certification want to get into HANA modelling. Hana have basic of SQL. Any valuable suggestions are welcome. Material have functional knowledge 2.

Dear Sir I am passed out Btech guy from Electronics and telecommunication. Thanks for your valuable information, sap hana certification material, I have small confusion,i decided to learn SAP HANA but I loved to learn in material Hana in security do we have any growth regarding in that module comandos autocad What is the course material I take and suggest me right path, I am poor in technical.

Or, You could post in our forum too… http: But i hana to change my carrer from Sap to IT. Certification for that I want to SAP thing. And do i need certification be from IT background to get placed. I m not like totally outspaced in IT.

I used laptop daily and I knew few techincal terms to get IT issue resolved. So please hep me if doing SAP courses will help me in better growth in this industry or not. If you are starting from the scratch, you may start from here…. If you are confused where to start, have a start with this course…. Browse the topics we discussed in job section and find recent jobs …. I have completed btech in mechanical stream and now i want to make career in IT industry.

What should i do? What course i should prefer for making my career java. Lot more options exist, even in business side too, you might need to choose by yourself. There is no doubt that SAP HANA is well demanding and flourishing, in a couple of years ago, it started as an in-memory database, now it has evolved as in-memory platform with cloud options, new directions are emerging.

The course could be access by browsing the following url. Browse the following url, read the article discussed on the url, you would be able to know where to start and how to start. The basic course offered by us covers the fundamentals on SAP HANA, if you could know basics you would be able to decide which path is to choose by your own.

By going through the course, you might have clarity which path you should choose. I want to move to HANA. Please suggest me ,i Cannot understand. All paths emerging from it is already demanding and have further scope of expanding in the future.

I am totally from non technical background…but I have a experience in server monitoring and troubleshotting in AIX and windows for japanese clients in japanese language. It would be a new direction, so you may choose as per your interest. You may start with the basics and then decided by yourself which path looks interesting for you…. I have below questions. Thanks for contacting us. The last three digit of the name of a certification like or is a version upgrade, also represents the year of release of the certification.

I am a sales and marketing professional with more than 11 years of experience in the same.

I am an MBA material have certification knowledge of any technology. Can you please suggest the best approach for me to enter material SAP World, sap. Please, find our reply on this url…… certification I am Rajiv, having 3.

Can you please suggest me which platform has better scope in future and as well as Career wise. Please reply as soon as possible. Its a good info you have provided here.

Thus significant performance improvements of data-intensive processes material be achieved by certification push-down from the application server to the database server. This reduces the number of data transfers certification the amount of transferred data between both hana.

Open SQL has now been enhanced with certain material and made close to SQL standard such that database level computations and code push down is achieved with ease. With CDS, data models are defined from the application server but are executed on the database resulting in an optimal code push down. This answer has been undeleted. Let me add some points: Hope this extra info helps. Comment People who like this. Show 1 Share Alert Moderator. You already have an active moderator alert for this content.

You have agreed with the alert for this comment and it has been removed from the queue. You have disagreed with the alert for this comment. We collects latest updates from these candidates to prepare the best quality questions for practice exam. Three reasons to select www. We provide a platform where you can attempt an online practice exam similar to actual SAP Certification Exam ; It is far better than you have sample questions in PDF file. You can check your ability to finish the practice exam in given time duration.

Where can you apply the filters? On which of the following could you store the Excel file and make it available for other users? Shared network drive B. In which of the following can you implement these restrictions?

The schema mapping B. The restricted measures C. The analytic privileges D. Reading from tables in the column store C. Joins using SQL E. They cannot use Adobe Flash. They require scheduled, ready-made reports.

Which reporting tool do you recommend? How can you compare the data of the replicated tables with the underlying ECC source data? Use the Catalog node to open table contents. Use the Data Provisioning view from the Quick Launch. The users want to drill from the top aggregation level to the lowest granularity and try different types of graphical representations of the data on the fly.

A child node B. An analytic view C. A data foundation D. How can you make the columns available? Add the columns to the query panel of the report. Add the columns to the business layer. Use scrambled source data. You must replace these codes with the English country names by joining to the same country attribute view twice. What must you create to achieve this?

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