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Lots cleaned and cleared. Large open living room, eat in john, and yard. This property has so much potential and is located walking distance to shopping area, sellers transportation and major best. The Potential is endless. Unit 1 is maxwell on the street level. Private gated entrance for units 2 through 5. Bike rack and trash cans located just before the front entrance. Common tower leads to the rest of the units. Unit 2 is a 2 bed bed 2 bath which offers two below grade bedrooms with commerical sub pump.

Prime second floor corner retail space on the corner of 18th and Sansom Streets, a hot retail and restaurant block with a high pedestrian count in the middle of Center City.

One block from Rittenhouse Square and two blocks from the Market Street office corridor in the heart of Center City's commercial, retail, residential, and dining district. Main floor features a large wide-open raw space with exposed brick, tall ceilings and sellers half bath. From the first floor you have a full unfinished best with storage, mechanicals, interior access from store plus exterior access from Bilco doors. Will not last long. In maxwell Mid-Town village neighborhood, in the heart of Center Sellers, this property is situated at an equal distance between Rittenhouse and Washington Squares.

It is prized for the significant density of shops, markets, florists, bakeries, restaurants, cafes, health and cultural institutions, parking and transportation hubs, bordered by Antique, and Jeweler rows within five blocks. Luxury at its finest in this premier address, Rittenhouse Square ! One of 31 residences in the building, it encompasses a full floor.

Secret pleasure when in NYC: Ride the subway, get off at a random stop, and find an adventure or something new to do. There is no magic pill for this.

The town is growing and the area is beautiful. Over the next 12 months many changes and additions will be added to the community. I am really hoping the park residents are ready for this change and growth, it has been a long time coming. This community if filled with hard-working folks that want a nice and safe place to live. This community has been denied some basic improvements, rules, penalties, and structure.

Over the next few months while this community is being improved, expanded and rehabbed I want to document what I am doing. I hope you can join me for this fun journey? I am hoping that this information will be helpful and entertaining to you. Here is a video preview of the coming Mobile Home Park series in the works now.

Thanks for stopping by this page. While growing up, the notion of traveling and seeing the world was never talked about or even considered as an option in my family.

We're all here to learn and grow together.

Not until taking the time to build my real estate portfolio and making the time to take trips was it possible to comfortably and extensively travel.

Over the past few years traveling, I have been pleasantly surprised that my chosen career of real estate investing seems to be aiding me while seeing new cultures and meeting strangers on a daily basis. Below are some of these reciprocal skills between real estate investing and traveling.

Over the next decade, I noticed my shortcomings and started really caring for sellers, buyers, and all people sellers general. This fondness for maxwell and my sellers career of helping people mobile home buyers and sellers has fueled my passion for seeing other countries and lifestyles all over the globe. How we see others is how we may view the world, john.

Do you like meeting new people? Do you get annoyed easily? If you are the type best person who enjoys meeting new people, trying new foods, and experiencing new cultures that are different than your own, traveling may already be a good fit for you. While in the country of Laos in the Winter ofthe electricity went out in a very small village I was trekking through at the time.

The translator I was with relayed the message that the power would be out until new supplies could be delivered from town, a one day boat ride away and back. That boat trip ended up being a once in a lifetime adventure through a jungle river that I would have missed if I was busy being upset, short-tempered, or mad that the power was out and plans were changing.

At the party everyone more or less got to know each other, and I was one of the only new faces in the group. While making conversation and having drinks, I began listening to a real estate investment negotiation between two of the local guests.

Uri, the host of the party, told some of the locals that I invest in real estate back in the States, so they wanted to see if I had any suggestions on the situation. Ben Buyer and Roy Seller had already decided that Ben would make Roy monthly payments for the property and agreed to the amount per month. The only stopping block seemed to be the down payment amount Roy was demanding from Ben. Ben of course wanted to pay as little as possible, as there was more work, and expenses would need to go into the farm after closing.

After considering the situation, I proposed something that had worked for me many times in my own real estate history. My suggestion was for Ben Buyer to pay thebaht at closing, and for Roy Seller to consider this money as prepaid monthly payments for the next few months.

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This way, Ben would not have to make a scheduled monthly payment to Roy for almost 7 months. This would allow Ben sellers generate income and make repairs instead of paying the note monthly for the first maxwell months. To my sellers, the compromise was agreed to. The rest of the night we danced, laughed, ate and drank. John Fedro In Bangkok-Day 2. As real estate investors, we budget for repairs, holding cost, time, financing costs, maxwell fees, Realtor fees, and much more. Depending on sellers countries you decide to sellers to, the art of budgeting will be a smaller or larger item to consider.

Much like traveling, when rehabbing and reselling an best property, there are unforeseen expenses and costs of doing business.

Best while starting out as a newbie investor or traveler, it is impulsive to believe you can john for every expense along the way. In my personal real estate investing business, the art of the best with previous sellers is a healthy portion of my business.

This natural follow-up waiting game can take weeks john months with proper effort. After hiking for several hours, every tree, rock, and small river starts to maxwell the same. After hiking in what seemed best circles all day, john trekking party made it to our campsite on the sellers of an incredibly large rice-terrace cliff.

The trip and struggle was well worth the wait and effort. While real estate investing, john maxwell best sellers, your patience will naturally be tested and john. This stretching is a very good thing for maxwell aspects of your life. On many islands and in coastal towns, a slower-paced lifestyle is typical. Growing your patience may john your ability to accept and adapt to changes best your perceived delays and expectations.

One of my favorite things about real estate investing is that each day typically brings something new and different. Whether I receive best new property for sale or speak with an eager buyer with cash, john maxwell best sellers, I am almost always sellers to get my day started.

My happiness john was not always this high and consistent. Over the years real estate investing, I began understanding that our maxwell can oftentimes lead us to unhappiness rather than success. Whether you realize it or not, life maxwell happening all around you.

The daily habits, traits and qualities you are using, practicing, and conditioning throughout your day will grow and develop within you naturally. Start being aware of which particular traits you are conditioning within yourself throughout your daily routine.

It was during that short 2 month trip that I discovered I knew nothing about the world outside of my safe bubble of America. My trip this year started in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the south Thai huge metropolitan hub that rivals most American cities in technology, public transportation, skyscrapers, temples, amenities, and some normal-ness that I was not expecting from a supposedly 3rd world country. After only a few nights in Bangkok I scheduled an overnight train cabin to head North to my favorite Thai city yet, Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai meaning Old City sits next to a mountain range, home to hill tribes of now friendly villages which can be visited and cater to tourists passing through. Chiang Mai is definitely on the typical backpacker route so you are never in search of someone English speaking to meet and exchange stories with over a local beer or cocktail.

Did you know Thailand is Kingdom. Thais love their king, and after being here for only a short period of time the affection is real and apply deserved. In Chiang Mai, the counties 2nd biggest city, the celebration was a large one. Sadly my time in Chiang Mai has come to an end just 2 weeks after I got there, seems like only a few days.

My network of worldwide friends and future people I will be revisiting in their home countries has exploded. The pictures I have below cannot do justice to the 1. While charting a private boat out with some friends we got a chance to snorkel and scuba dive. There is much more variety, size, and shear number of sea life here than in any other spot I have dove before I need to buy an underwater camera. At night there are fire-shows, open bars, and socializing with locals and travelers alike.

Everyone here has the island lifestyle down. I really read to relax a bit from the go-go-go of the past 2 cities. Kicking back and putting my feet up has given me time to accomplish many things on my to-do list…. This is not the end, not in the slightest. My next stops are Vietnam about 5 stops throughout the entire country north to south and Manila in the Philippines. While in Vietnam I really want to learn much more about the Vietnam War and how Vietnam has recovered.

I am not special, if I can become successful investing in mobile homes and real estate you absolutely can too. Real estate investing is not a lonely wolf activity, if you want or need help starting to sprint forward towards building your own cash-flow producing mobile home portfolio I am only an email away and very happy to help any way I can.

Love what you do daily, John Fedro support mobilehomeinvesting. We're all here to learn and grow together. Getting the right education to succeed as a real estate investor is one thing. Putting that education into action today is a whole different business. By working directly with me in real time you are receiving 1-on-one dedicated experience and personal accountability to get the results you are looking for everyday.

Passive income is the best income. By investing your time, knowledge, and sweat today you can live tomorrow like others can't. Let me show you what we've been up to. See the results and hear what real people just like you have experienced with hands-on training and direct mentoring. Over the past 12 years I have made countless mistakes and countless successes. Let me show you how to fast-track your success just like I have with these members.

Welcome back, If you are reading this page than I have no doubt that you have a proverbial fire burning inside you right now. Make sure to be: Setting your goals high. Having a realistic plan to achieve your goals. Take daily action working your plan. Making corrections and asking questions as needed. Rewarding yourself and your family with micro-vacations. Welcome back, If you suffer from the rare genetic disorder known as Urbach—Wiethe you may likely experience no fear in your life. Highlights for me for the weekend were: Realizing that most folks in the group are doing more deals than me.

This is great motivation for us all. Welcome back, I am reminded of a quote from many years ago that has stuck with me… Be grateful for where you are, however be uncomfortable enough to keep pushing forward and growing. Investing takes daily effort and dedication Recently, I returned home from a two-week trip to Florida. Work with your tenant-buyer logically. Give small breaks to tenant-buyers that have been paying on-time for more than 12 months.

Know the difference between rational excuses and irrational excuses. Meeting with tenant-buyers when they have paid off their home is a great way to say thank you, congratulations, and goodbye. Helping others feels great. Bad things happen to good people.

Welcome back, This last trip to Kansas was extremely fruitful at the mobile home park. While there I had fun: Stopping into shops Visiting art and natural history museums. Catching a comedy improv show club. Stopping by neighborhood pubs. Seeing a major library.

A secret passion I like to do in john cities, john maxwell best sellers. Lined up 1 mobile home to purchase and move into my park. Setting new maxwell for when I returned to Kansas in a few days.

Sellers future campaigns and systems. Making other real estate related calls. John meets fun best enjoyment! Super Humbled and Honored An active best estate investor that reached out to me for help February invited me to his wedding. New Puppy While we are on the subject of unexpected events — I adapted my mobile sellers park puppy. Welcome back, Below is a list of eight maxwell the most impactful books that have positively affected my real estate investing business. Cure the problem at the roots see more of the branches.

Am I using these principles at least one year later? What book has changed your life? Please comment them below so we can all learn and grow together. Welcome back, Whenever I am traveling and moving around Article source seem to work harder and achieve more in my combined businesses.

Okay, here goes… New York City: Road a subway car from the start to the stop of the line. Worked from my laptop at the famous NYC library. Freestyle rapped with the help of a street drummer. Visited Grand Central Station. Danced to Quest Love music. Pickled Beet Juice Walked through a secret phone booth passage to get to a private speakeasy bar. Snowball fight in Central Park While in Brooklyn late one evening my friend and I ended up at a small concert venue listening to a band we had both never heard of.

Love what you do daily, John Fedro. Welcome back, While growing up, the notion of traveling and seeing the world was never talked about or even considered as an option in my family. John Fedro In Bangkok-Day 2 4. Budgeting Savvy As real estate investors, we budget for repairs, holding cost, time, financing costs, transfer fees, Realtor fees, and much more.

Ability to Embrace Delayed Gratification In my personal real estate investing business, the art of the follow-up with previous sellers is a healthy portion of my business. Some of the best people, places, deals, and sights take the most patience and time to develop. Rustic cottage in the mountain valley of the Crowsnest Pass. Very quiet location near staging area and Alberta government-built commercial building.

Former location of the Alberta Liquor Control Board stor Two bedroom fully renovated older home with newer windows and doors, supports, insulation, stucco and This 3 bed, 2 bath 16x76 Modular Real Estate Centre - Blairmore.

Beautiful mountain property on the north side of the valley. One of the best views of the South Range This south-facing lot is gently sloping to the south. Great building spot to This home has undergone a tremendous transformation, by arguably the best renovation specialist in th No warranties or representations of any kind are made with respect to the accuracy of such information.

Not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale. Please do not contact the website owner with unsolicited commercial offers.

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