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Intel began pushing out patches to mitigate the issues earlier this month, but is now advising the users stop installing them. The new advice comes after users and firms reported reported dramatic slowdowns and unpredictable behavior, including constant reboots or a failure to boot at all, nbc tp 01.

The chipmaker says it understand what has caused the unpredicted outcomes and is now advising that customers start testing early versions of new patches that it is putting out, nbc tp 01, and has apologized publicly for the disruption nbc change of advice has caused. News nbc Boing Boing is defending itself from a lawsuit brought by Playboy alleging copyright infringement because the site linked to Playboy centerfolds.

A blog post on Boing Boing contained a hyperlink to a gallery of Playboy centerfolds and another to a YouTube video with similar content. Playboy alleges that this amounts to copyright infringement and is suing the popular news blog. It is important to point out that Boing Boing had nothing to nbc with the creation of the Imgur gallery, or the Nbc video, it merely linked to both in a blog post. It is not alone in its fight against the lawsuit however.

We're asking the court to dismiss this deeply flawed lawsuit," he said. Founder of the file-sharing nbc Megaupload is suing the government of New Zealand for billions of dollars. Megaupload allowed users around the world to upload files to its service which could be later downloaded by others with the same link.

In JanuaryNew Zealand police raided the home of founder Kim Dotcom while investigating alleged copyright infringement offenses.

In the six years that has passed since the raid, the Kim Dotcom saga has dragged on as he has fought extradition to the United States on copyright infringement charges.

At the core of his defense is the assertion that the warrants used for the raid on his mansion in January were based on Section of the Copyright Act of New Zealand. Technically, under that copyright act, online copyright infringement is not a crime.

Facebook has largely a monopoly on instant messaging in the West. In most countries in Europe and North America, the top 2, if not top 3, most popular messaging platforms are owned by Facebook.

The most popular of them all is WhatsApp that is slightly more commonly used than Facebook Messenger. Now the Facebook owned behemoth of a messaging platform is releasing a new product, which it hopes will create the desperately needed revenue. Even though when first introduced, WhatsApp was warning people that after a year of use it would require a monthly fee, it never really started asking money from its individual customers.

However, for a while WhatsApp has been trying to figure out how to create some revenue from the business world. The answer, the company hopes, is a new app called WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business, as the name and perhaps the past four paragraphs might suggest, is an app for the business oriented folks who want to create an official presence in the WhatsApp ecosystem. Even the WhatsApp Business is free, at least if you are a relatively small company. Larger companies need to pay a fee to get the full feature list and get all the advantages they perhaps need.

As popular as the world's largest music streaming service, you can only attract that many paying customers with music. For some people radio on the way is more than enough, and even then it might be talk radio. Well, Spotify is looking straight at these people when trying to diversify their offerings. As we await for Spotify to list they've revealed that a newly added section of the app will offer news related content. Provided by eight different services, the new Spotlight section includes news, podcasts as well as audio books.

At least the first mentioned will provide audio news that are spiced up with infographics and other visual elements. It is definitely a step into radio's lane, challenging perhaps the talk radio for audio advertisement.

For now, Spotify's Spotlight will be only available in the United States, but Spotify has obviously plans to expand. Users report that Google devices with the Cast features are causing network connectivity problems on their home WiFi networks.

Hoda Kotb's long, and rejection-filled, journey to 'Today'

Devices nbc seem to cause issues once connected to some networks nbc Chromecast and Google Home devices. It appears that the issue is due to the devices flooding the router with data packets when recovering from a sleep state.

Under normal nbc, these packets normally sent in a second interval, but Nbc determined the nbc will sometimes broadcast a large amount of these packets at a very high speed in a short amount of time. This occurs when the device is awakened from its "sleep" state, and could exceed more thanpackets.

The longer your device is in "sleep", the larger this packet burst will be. TP-Link has issued some firmware updates for affected devices, which you can find here. Colin Kaepernick net worth and salary: But keep making jokes and believe you have it better than him. Prove me wrong and post a pic …. When he left the 49ers the money left on his restructured deal was only guaranteed against injury. The 49ers were likely to dump him anyway and he would not have received the money.

For a guy who promotes socialism and communism, why does he sign a 1m deal. So the guy who praised Che Guevara and Castro and wears police pig socks is writing a book? Uncleruckus,are you implying kaepernick is somehow better than all us degenerates just because he makes more money than us? Maybe read a some works of mlk and learn about content of character.

The Almighty Cabbage says: Everything about this whole Standing thing stinks! One side says yes Cops target, Another says just another race card to justify a lifestyle. This could effect ALL of us soon. I skipped the 1st Amendment. Whether you agree with Kaep kneeling or him a good or bad QB. He opted out to hit free agency earlier. He ran like an Antelope through the entire season. The salary was not guaranteed, and both John Lynch and Kyle Shannahan told Colin that he was not in their plans and would be cut before the season.

He opted out so he could have a chance to sign with another team before camp and earn a spot on the football team. Little did he know that no NFL team would sign him while at the same time signing much inferior quarterbacks off the street. But understanding it is even better. And anyone that thinks this is a first amendment issue does not understand it. I will not be buying anything from or about this man.

In other words, when his book is published, I will be taking a monetary knee. So can we finally put to bed the championing for him to be on a team? You must be logged in to leave a comment. Only 13 million to go to make up for the guaranteed money he gave up by opting out. The plan comes together. Titled…How many ways to screw up an NFL career. Full of opinions and lacking facts. And the big handout has begun.

Shakespeare, Hemingway, Twain, Kaepernick, …. I nbc who his ghost writer might be…. Can his followers even read? He also has a bunch of jerseys on sale at Ross and Marshalls!! Nbc PFT can hire him as a special correspondent.

No rational person would try and say that Kaepernick is better than Keenum. Maybe it is a coloring book? Why are the NFL Stadiums half empty? Chapter two; Why did the salary cap come down? Chapter three; Who stole my 14 million? Chapter four; How do I prove collusion?

So Kap was a business major. Now I understand why he opted out of his 49er contract. I am gonna boycott Random House.

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It should be located in the fiction section…. Kotb was born in Oklahoma. When she was 12, the nbc moved to Alexandria, Virginia. I never talked to my parents nbc any of this. In interviews, Kotb has spoken often about how her immigrant parents fully embraced their new homeland. And despite her early trouble landing a job in broadcasting, Kotb has said she never considered her ethnicity as a factor holding up her career.

It was because I wasn't good. I never dawned on me maybe they don't want me because of 'X,'" she said. I didn't see the world that way. So when things didn't go my way, I just assumed I'm going to get mine somewhere else. There, her work as a reporter and anchor caught the eye of NBC executives in New York City, who hired her in as a globe-trotting correspondent for "Dateline. Her work was earned four Emmy nominations, an Edward R. Murrow Award in and a Peabody inamong other achievements.

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