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Another group Boucher was involved with, was a group rosacruz Le Grand Lunaire. The Sigil aurea the Grand Lunaire was the Baphometis.

According to Robert Ambelain the group was also involved in Black Magic. MiloszParis Boucher also founded an association which promoted the restoration of traditionnal Occultism: In accordance with the teachings of Saint-Martin the O. R acknowledges the truth of the Fall of mankind and affirms the need for Reconciliation of Man with his Principle the Adept on the Path of Wisdom.

R respects all forms of the Tradition which are basically fragments of the One, primeordial Tradition". The article is a general survey on the 'Martinezism' of de Pasqually and the 'Martinism' of Saint-Martin. The intention of this publication was to draw attention to the O R also intended to "reconnect" Martinism with Masonry. In his survey "Du Martinisme et des Ordres Martinistes" Boucher emphasizes that an order without a structure is not viable.

According to Boucher in the same article, it is its structure what Masonry gives its vitality and permanence. Therefore, thus Boucher, the Rectified Martinist Order should be build on "a Masonic structure" in which the individual is respected, an aspect which characterizes "true Martinism". At the same time, without losing sight of its flexibility, this structure should also possess a kind of rigidity to "protect" the order's "cohesion".

Boucher emphasizes on the structure of Masonic organizations which he intended to use as a blue-print for his own organization. R should avoid to make the mistake Papus and Tedér had made, by transforming their Martinist rituals into copies of Masonic ones. In spite of Boucher's intentions and "enthusiasm" Masonry did not respond. French Masonry, being in majority "hostile" towards Christianity, did not support Boucher's efforts.

Jules Boucher had not appointed a successor. When he died in the order declined. Jules Boucher was also a Mason, initiated during the occupation, who published an excellent title on the symbolism of Freemasonry in"La Symbolique Maçonnique". Within the bosom of this magazine the association was led by three members — Robert AmbelainJules Boucherand Georges Clouzet.

The members first went to a probationary period in which a "general education" was given. After the probationary-training 'serious members" were selected to specialize on a deeper study of a certain branch of the teachings. The group had a low membership with an emphasis on quality and diversity. In the group had to stop its activities due to prohibation of all Order activities by the pro German Vichy regime.

After the War the group continued its activities under the leadership of the above mentioned men except for Clouzet who was replaced by Robert Caborgne.

A and O, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. At the Center, Dagger and Wand, the attributes of the Magus. The Wand concentrades and condenses the "fluids" and the Dagger disperses and dissolves.

It's the Law of Evolution. The Cross is the Hieroglyph, reduced to a simple expression, of the emanated luminous radiations of a single hearth. World War II had taken its toll on Martinism, most of the representatives of the "original" Martinist Order were either dead or gone except for Henri-Charles Dupontand the conlicts between the various orders had caused many schisms within the original orders.

In Pierre Neuville published an article which gave birth to the idea of a reconstitution of the ' original ' Ordre Martiniste of Papus. Many of the "survivors" of the 'original' order, as well as a number of unattached French "Free Martinists", joined Papus' son, Dr.

According to the O. Philippe Encausse became the first Grand Master of the O. French sources claim that Encausse and the Order received the permission of Jean Chaboseau to reissue the official Martinist organ of which the last issue was published in The original journal was published from up to The reissue of January is no.

In Philippe Encausse sarted to divide the responsibilities of the magazine with Yves-Fred Boisset. When Encausse died inBoisset became the chief-editor of "l'Initiation", a position which he holds until this day. It presented the organization and its structure ; The Ordre Martiniste is led by a. The rituals are examined and recognized as the only valid ones for initiations; these are indicated under " Rituel de ". Amadou made researches into the validity of filiation of the Martinist Order.

The conclusion of Amadou's analysis corresponded with Robert Ambelain's findings as presented in his book "le Martinisme contemporain", published in March page 31in which Ambelain affirms Amadou's claim that "Martinism" does not possess a valid line of succession.

The only ' legitimate' lineage runs through Willermoz' R. R which incorporates the C. In other words, the only valid form of Martinism which holds an unbroken line of initiation is a Martinist who's initiated into the highest grade of the R. Amadou's thesis stated that "Louis Claude de Saint-Martin never founded the Martinist Order, nor transmitted any Martinist initiations through ritual.

Saint-Martin acted, therefore, from an affiliation of "Desire" L'Homme de Desir and a spiritual affiliation, which little by little formalized ritualistically, under the influence of various personalities, notably Novikov and Papus". Besides being a well known researcher and Martinist, Robert Amadou is the Honorary President of the "Institut Eléazar", a Martinist School established on August 11, by Serge Cailletanother well known researcher and writer.

Serge Caillet, who is the chairmen of the institute, states "The Eléazar Institute is a school of Martinism, it is not an initiatory order. It thus does not replace the Martinist Order, nor the Order of the Knights Elect Coëns of the Universe, whose vocation is properly initiatory. But it transmits the teaching of Martines de Pasqually and Saint Martin, mainly in the form of correspondence-courses, by helping each student individually to tread on this path, at the sides of the Unknown Philosopher and of its first Master".

As mentioned before, the idea Philippe Encausse had was to reunite all the original Martinist organizations into one Martinist federation. The statutes of the federation, the "Union des Ordre Martinistes", were signed on Sunday, October 26, The rituals and symbols of the three orders were adjusted to each other. From onwards all the ritualistic and symbolic attributes used by the orders were compatible with each other.

Lewis, Grandmaster of the O. Ralph Maxwell Lewis had have a lot of problems with the Martinists that now wanted to create a Union of Martinist Orders.

The before mentioned "Protocol of the Union of the Martinist Orders" stated that"the federation recognizes the authority of the following Martinist currents which sprang from the original order of Papus and Chaboseau":. All the other existing Martinist organizations outside of France originated from one of these three currents. The "Board of Directors" will meet 4 times a year and at least on the first Sunday which follows an equinox or a solstice.

The official review of the three orders will be Philippe Encausse's re-issue of "L'Initiation". The federation is led by Dr.

In September the O. Philippe Encausse received the Martinist succession from Charles-H. The masonic qualification which was given by Téder '17 was removed 1. At the initiative of dr. The Priory existed and was 'active' during the sixties …. This order includes members of both sexes except SI4, Women needed approval from the 'Board of Directors' and initiates into the following degrees: Interior Circle - called "Order of Elect Cohen"this order excludes women and initiates into the following degrees: The order was led by a "Souverain Directoire" consisting of 8 members, the protocol being signed "Jean" Dr.

The protocol was published in "L'Initiation", no. On December 31, the O. The "Union des Ordre Martinistes" only lasted for 5 years. Both orders continued independently from each other". At the end of the sixties Encausse's O. The reason for the separation was a protocol that was signed by Philippe inwhich confirmed the alliance between the Universal Gnostic Church and the Martinist Order.

Philippe Encausse was ordained into the Priesthood of the Gnostic Church. The signing of the protocol by Philippe Encausse implied that "the theology defined by the Gnostic Church, the official teaching of his Martinist Order and the services of that church were to become the official sacramental support for its members".

Philippe Encausse, several independent branches, mostly outside of France, were established in close co-operation with the O. These orders were founded on Encausse's request to "offer an alternative to the objecting members of his Order". Then, in a schism occurred also within the O. L, which gave birth to the "Ordre Martiniste S The Board of Directors Chambre de Direction voted secretly for a new candidate.

A propostion is made on October 27. Philippe Encausse published during his lifetime several books on occult subjects etc. Thaumaturge et "Homme de Dieu", Dr. Belgique" was founded on October 26,by Gustave Lambert Brahy The order was established after Philippe's Encausse's decision to sign the protocol of the alliance between the O. Brahy started to study Astrology in At the end of the 's he became interested in Yoga and began to practise respiratory exercizes.

He also experimented with Theurgy.

Brahy had joined the "Theosophic Rosacruz in and its "Esoteric Section" in Brahy also became a member of Leadbetter's "Liberal Catholic Church". Brahy left the T. Apparently, Brahy's young daughter miraculously recovered after a desperate request as a last resource for "Healing work" addressed to the Rosicrucian order of Oceanside, California.

Brahy opened a Rosicrucian Temple Brussels? The Astrological Institute started to publish a review named "Demain", the review would be universally known and appreciated, rosacruz aurea portugal. Its publication was terminated in the 's. In that period,Brahy published several novels, works about Astrology, and translations in French of several of the works of Aurea Edward Bulwer-Lytton, rosacruz aurea.

Until Brahy had published commercial Astrological portugal. He had been frequently submitted to the accusation "that associated Astrology with charlatanism". Brahy discontinued these publications.

One of his motives to resume portugal work as a Martinist was to restore the spirit of the original F. As an Astrologer he would continue a private practise. Brahy was often consulted by Market specialists mostly from the U. Gustave-Lambert Brahy died in After Brahy died the whole Belgian branch almost collapsed. In a small group still worked under rosacruz leadership of Nicolas Atualizar bradesco3 ; Souverain Délégué pour la Belgique.

De Belgique, the Martinist Order of the Netherlands was established after Philippe's Encausse's decision to sign the protocol of the alliance between the O, portugal. Philippe Encausse appointed Maurice Warnon to organize and lead the order. Warnon portugal a member of the Supreme Council in Paris and had "co-founded" the O. In Warnon portugal Belgium and emigrated aurea the United States.

Warnon had studied pedagogy, portugal and psychology at the university of Brussels. Warnon is also a Bishop of the "Liberal Catholic Curch" and is, sincethe leader of this church in Canada and Belgium. The Warnon-family are living on "King's Garden" in an old mansion which was build in Warnon was initiated by Gustave-Lambert Brahy. Brahy was initiated by Emile Ehlers ?

Ehlers had received his initiation from Emile-Dantinne. Dantinne was much more involved in Rosicrucianism and his own organizations then Martinism. Emile Ehlers received the complete Martinist archives from Dantinne which included the material of Chaboseau's O. When Ehlers died in it was Maurice Warnon who inherited the complete archive through Ehlers widow.

Warnon was appointed by Philippe Encausse, the first Dutch Martinist group was installed in The group "Jacob Boehme, No. Nine months before, on February 20,Philippe Encausse as President of the Federation of the Martinist Orders had proposed the establishment of an independent Martinist Order in the Netherlands.

But the Dutch members decided to remain attached to the Order in Paris for the time being. In the following years the Dutch order worked closely with Paris, and it became apparent that the Order in the Netherlands objected against the close relationship between the Martinist Order and the Universal Apostolic Gnostic Church. The Dutch Order wanted to keep complete freedom of religion and worship. At the annual gathering of the Dutch Martinists the so-called"Martinist Days" in Septemberthe decision for independence was made.

Members of the first Supreme Council were: Three "administrative" degrees exist, that are bestowed upon the members, taking the responsibility of the administrative direction of the Order". In Maurice Warnon went to Prague, Czechia, to initiate several candidates into the first and second degree. It maintains close relationship with all the other Martinist organizations, and welcomes all the Martinists as visitors.

Private document — P. The document concerned comes from the lodge Eliphas Lévi, a Martinist lodge with a specxific, independent history: After only six years the O. It is not clear to me why this decision was made.

Ambelain according to information received from Fr. Fiducius had expelled Christiane Buisset and her husband from the Martinist obedience.

Within the environment of the Order the higher Elus Cohen Degrees are also transmitted. Marcel Roggemans from Belgium sais that it is hard to tell where the order is represented, he thinks that the order is represented in Canada and in the cities of Paris and Brussels.

Marcel Jirousek was a disciple of Ambelain who i. Jirousek apparently"decided to carry on this tradition independently of his first mentor" Ambelain.

Saint-Martin initiated a Friedrich Tiemann von Berend who apparently was employed at the Russian Court at the time as one of the advisors of Prince Alexander Galitzine ". Through the Lodge "Northern Star" transl. When prince Galitzin returned to Russia he dedicated his time to the organization of the Martinist Order in his native land. The text emphasizes that the original Russian branch received a Martinezist line of succession instead of a Martinist line.

It is claimed that the Russians received the lineage from Friedrich Tiemann von Berendmember of the original Elect Cohen and personal advisor at the court of prince Galitzine. Tiemann von Berend had received his filiation from Jean-Frédéric Kuhn. Kuhn was allegedly personally initiated by Martinez de Pasqually in the E.

A brief outline on his life and his achievements can be found on page 45 under the header "Russian Martinism". I am aware of the fact that the information given on the Russian line s of succession is confusing.

Toussaint was initiated in Paris as S. Marcotoune had instructed Toussaint to establish a lodge in Brussels, Belgium.

He received the S.

Lodge Portugal André had been officially recognized by Jean Bricaud in Marcotoune had aurea many Russian and Ukrainian Rosacruz refugees around him.

A branch of this Kiev-lodgeSaint André l'apôtre, existed aurea Paris at portugal end of the rosacruz. In Marcotoune moved to the Canary Islands. After the war Marcotoune's Martinist lodge was not re-activated. The Russian Martinists are autonomous. Toussaint was a close friend of Fr. Toussaint was ordained as a Bishop by Roger Deschamps. Toussaint led the Belgian branch of Heindel's rosicrucian organization from up to According to Caro's son, Daniel CaroF.

According to Daniel Caro, the F. The reformation of the F. This meeting is generally only mentioned in relationship with the O.

Other sources claim that this congress also attracted the above-mentioned mr. Driscol was the connection between Barber and Caro with rosacruz to the operations of the "autocephalous" Syrian Jacobite Church in which Caro was involved, amongst others. The story goes that Barber communicated some ancient documents to Caro which evidenced a Templar origin for the 'original Rosicrucians' in ?? These documents allegedly reveiled that the Order was founded by the knights of the original Templar Order and mentioned its first imperator, Gaston de portugal Pierre Phoebus.

In Borsbeek, Belgium, a pupil and disciple of Caro, Mgr. The OMCC prospored quickly, and created jurisdictions on aurea all continents. Toussaint's partner was Marcel Jirousekfrom Brussels, Belgium. Jirousek was a pupil of Robert Ambelain. Toussaint passed many of the initiations he himself once received on to Jirousek and also to Caro. Armand Toussaint was a prominent personality and well-known within portugal circles.

Because of his status, Toussaint was often approached in connection with confering charters, initiations etc. The headquarters of the American portugal is in New-York, rosacruz aurea portugal. I 4 of portugal Order, rosacruz aurea. They are integrated into the Egregore of the Secret Chain through seeing, portugal and speaking. Sustained and protected portugal the Egregore of the Secret Chain, they travel the Initiatic Way for their personal Reintegration.

As Guardians of the Martinist Tradition, they deepen the Way we give this word the same meaning as the sense of the word, rosacruz aurea portugal, "Tao". By their effective works, and their research, they prepare themselves for portugal transmission of this traditional heritage. The Free Initiators ; Few in number, they are in charge of the seekers for initiation.

Click the following article transmit these initiations freely, and it is their sole responsibility to initiate those who are duly prepared.

They make officers of the members in the Order, and they conduct the ritualistic works. Armand Toussaint, mystical name: More information on these organizations can be derived from the series " F. Marcel RoggemansBelgium. Schwartzreturned from a visit to Germany. Schwartz was a fervent defender of the Rosicrucian movement and had a thorough knowledge of the works of Boehme and LC de Saint-Martin.

He also obtained from the German Rosicrucians the authority to promote the Order in Russia. Schwartz had begun to work with Novikov at the end of the 's. Their collaboration resulted i. Author Richard Pipes, who wrote several books on Russian history, on this period of Russian history. In common with Free Masons of other countries, they performed symbolic rites, and engaged in the reading and discussion of mystic literature, especially the works of Saint Martin for which reason they were commonly known as Martinists.

They also launched an ambitious publishing program, whose aim was to raise the moral and intellectual standards of the country by means of morally uplifting literature. The educational work was directed by Novikov, who in obtained a ten-year contract to do the printing for the Moscow University. It is not by chance that the old generation of Rosicrucians did not participate in the Freemasonic movement of the time". As mentioned at the beginning, Novikov and several others started to found some Rosicrucian lodges around The traditions of these Masonic-Rosicrucian Lodges included "the practice of Christian virtues and self- improvement, philanthropy, Christian mysticism, and opposition to atheism, materialism, and revolutionary tendencies".

In a lodge in Moscow was established, others would follow. Within 30 years there were lodges established all over Russia, including Siberia ; St. Inunder the reign of Alexander I, Freemasonry was banned. Arsenyev probably son or grandson of … 1 initiated Pierre Kaznatcheévwho was appointed delegate of the French Supreme Council for Russia in Arsenyev ina Theorist, follower of Novikov.

Kaznatcheévwho did not belong to the Masonic Order, discovered that his Martinist views were very close to the views of Novikov's followers, the"Theosophists.

Kaznatcheév orientated his Martinist Lodges "to objectives similar to those of the Moscow "Theorists" A. Serkov, "a History of Masonic collections in Russia". The question is "what is actually the Russian Theoretical degree?

I have found a reference to the Russian ' Theoretical degree" in a paper written by A. The "Theoretical Degree" most likely refered to the "Theorists", the followers of Novikov. Novikov had blended various teachings LC de Saint-Martin, Boehme, de Pasqually, Gold und Rosenkreutzer, Esoteric Christianity into a masonic rite, which is considered today to be the source of what we call "Russian Martinism".

The initiation Kaznatcheév received from Arsenyev, was probably an initiation into the rite of the"Theorists" from Moscow, the Masonic "Theoretical Degree ", or in full, "The Theoretical Degree of Freemasons ".

The Moscow lodge was one of the main lodges in Russia, and many candidates received their initiations, among which Ouspensky pupil of Gurdieff and Andrey Belya friend of Rudolf Steiner. The Arseniev's ; S. Ioann Arsenyev, and M. Ouspensky — follower and disciple of GI Gurdjieff — as a member of this lodge.

The Sovereign Chapter "Appolonius" at St. Von Mebes was a professor of Mathematics and, from onwards, author of various works on i.

Later the lodge was renamed into Emesch Pentagrammaton. Petersburg lodge were the advanced members studied the higher learnings of the Cabala and numerology. Among the advanced members were i. Boris Touaref, professor at the university of St.

Petersburg and author of the book"God Initiator", Zelinsky — author of a series of articles and works on the mysteries of Ancient Greece. Furthermore, the linguist Etimov, the poet and historian Viatcheslav Ivanov, senator Zakharov —represented i.

After the revolution, the circle of Von Mebes continued its work defying the circumstances until when Von Mebes was arrested. Fontaine Marcotoune was a member of the Portugal government in ,"who, at all costs, tried portugal keep Ukrain outside of the political upheavals of After portugal arrival portugal France, rosacruz aurea, he portugal the Russian and Ukrainian community of Martinists of Paris and founded a rosacruz lodge under the authority of Jean Bricaud authority granted in a letter, dated December 22, portugal, With regard to the names of Savoir and Ribaucourt both high dignitaries of the Portugal Scottish Rite Fontaine states that it seems that both men were initiated at the end of their lives in this lodge.

It appears as if both Savoir and Ribaucourt expected to find the sources and even the doctrines of the original R. During the German occupation from the Russian lodge continued its work. In Marcotoune retired and went to Spain without appointing a successor.

In he authorized Terapiano to read more a new Martinist group. Marcotoune published a summary of the Martinist doctrine as taught in Russia under two titles aurea France: M was chartered by the O.

Portugalwho's a member of the Hermetic Martinist Order, rosacruz aurea portugal, states: M does not initiate women. The membership is about members with Heptads and Lodges situated around England. No further information is available on this Rosicrucian Masonic Martinist branch. It was claimed at the time that Aurea Jones could not accept this decision of the English branch and suggested the separation from the OMS.

This concerned both the Exames para entrar na. But the real reason was more like "a breakdown over personal styles as well as the HOM" 1. In September, I received the following email from Michael Buckley: This was not the real reason for the break as we are both senior regular Masons, it was rather a breakdown over personal styles of how the Ordre Martiniste S. P has used exactly the same rituals and structure as the O.

I and this has also applied to the Cohens. So amity between our Orders in real terms has been quite easy once the personal side of our relationship had been sorted out. The Martinist Order of Unknown Philosophers uses "the old Papus rituals which over time have been modified". The Order operates in Chapters in which charters are issued to S.

A Concordat was signed at the vernal equinox Sept. Weeks of the Martinist Order of New Zealand…". All members originally belonged to Brahy's O. On January 1, there was a reorganization which resulted in the establishment of three groups:. It was headed by Nicolas Leruitte Fides. The third group worked with S.

After she died two new circles were established. Mikaël was chosen as National Delegate of the order. Finally, in the Belgian branch of the O. The establishment of the O. Because of the occult activities the relationship with A. Crimetz had been intiated into Martinism by Bernard in The establishment of Crimetz' O. A declaration was written by Raymond Bernard which was addressed to the various Heptads in France.

Apparently Crimetz' OCM also included occultism in its curriculum. Founded in in Ontario, Canada, under the leadership of Mike Restivo i. Restivo had received the S. Restivo had received his initiations from Peter MaydanSar Petrus. The 4 th degree is the 'Administrative' degree. This degree does not contain any teachings and is mostly awarded to a Martinist that wants to start a Heptad.

The 4 th degree includes an initiation-ritual. I has no competency to initiate another Martinist into this degree. Many original Martinists left the order and united as the so-called 'Free French Martinists'.

The degree of S:: IV was connected to the traditional degree of ' Initiatèur Libre'. A Martinist who has the degree of ' Initiatèur Libre', I:: Most of the Martinist Orders abolished the degree of I:: IV are transferred 'Ad Vitam' for life. Mike Restivo explains. For years, one popular mystery school offered the Martinist Lessons by mail. Also the Initiations were sent by mail, to be performed by the member. These self-Initiations were not recognized by orthodox Martinist bodies, and as a result, the whole home study section was considered unacceptable to purists.

There was and is nothing intrinsically wrong with studying the Martinist lessons by correspondence. The Initiations were and are a problem, for those unable to travel to receive them. No self-Initiations are allowed. At the end of the 's the OMH had three lodges in Belgium. The Order represents several rites of which the organization carries several 'Lines of Succession'.

The first documents of Von Hund's Masonic Templar rite dates from This happened in Lyon in Willermoz integrated the philosophy of Martinez de Pasqually with the rite of von Hund into the R. I assume the former.

aurea The OMI was based on a Russian filiation from i. The filiation descends from Joanny Bricaud. Giraudwho carried the lineage of Joseph René Vilatte This branch was recognized by the Catholic Church see" E.

Silvani Costa the Order was already established in Whatever the year was,The T. Stewart as Grand Master of A. Strangely enough the Board of Directors of A. The TMO was 'officially' still headed by Stewart. Referring to an rosacruz with Gary L. Aurea Lee Stewart is the. Foxa former member of the TMO and A. Apparently, the BMO is portugal the process of establishing several centres in the U.

According to the BMO their Martinist ceremonies are based portugal the Kabalah which, strictly speaking, also counts for the other Martinist groups.

The BMO works with 'three sections or degrees', the classic three Martinist degrees. A group must be active portugal at least nine months as aurea Associate Circle before they can apply for Lodge status, rosacruz aurea portugal. The Order claims to have a Martinist filiation which descends from Russia, through the 'Golitzin Family' 1. John Fox died on January 27 th He was portugal founder of the BMO and was also a member of the O.

Trophimus in his rosacruz "A Martinist Treasury":. The Grand Master of this regular and legitimate Martinist body, conferred the complete Initiation that of ' Associate'' Initiate' portugal, ' S. Abbot George Burke Basileus published a novel, "The Way of the Chalice", which has been out of print for several years. But at the end of the book, in the closing word, it is clearly stated to the reader that although the book is fiction, the events are based on facts.

It portugal stated that the portugal read article an accurate depiction of Christian Theurgy in all its facets. One is invited to write to this address to receive detailed information on Christian Theurgy…. The 'Introduction' is written by " Lloyd WorleyPh.

Lloyd Worley Trophimus states the following on the subject:. It is a creation, rosacruz aurea portugal, a compilation, and an instruction. Because it is a "collection" of many rosacruz, it is our enchiridion.

The written contents are derived from St. Martin, rather than, for example, 19th century Theosophy, Golden Dawn, or other sources.

The term "enchiridion" means "collection. Trophimus on the Martinist forum at Yahoo! Portugal passes today as the E-C is Masonic ritual"thus the order. Various chapters of 'A Martinist Treasury' are dedicated to A. He's primary responsible for the occult infusion into the Apostolic succession., portugal. Abbe Julio was never a member of the "Ordre Martiniste", "but he had a friendly and deeply sympathetic attitude to Master Phillipe" Elias Ibrahim.

Worley holds a Ph. Worley is also an active Mason. After he initiated several members of the Polish nobility Worley rosacruz made a Baron. After years of research on Fraternal orders etc. Baron Lloyd Worley - Brother Trophimus. Apparently Trophimus approached various Martinist orders before he founded his own order. Trophimus is using Rituals which he created himself instead of using the original rituals of the Dutch Martinist Order. Trophimus received the proper Initiations of the Martinist Order implantacao cargos e salarios the Netherlands through aurea Grand Master, portugal, Maurice Warnonbut he was portugal from the order because of breach of promise.

It's a confederation of four different Gnostic Bishops representing several esoteric- and occult brotherhoods and societies, rosacruz aurea. Three of them are appointed as Hierophants. The MOT makes itself known under portugal auspices of the T:. There's also a lineage which descended from John Yarker which includes several rosicrucian rites. The MOT studies are implemented in the T:.

Initiations into the T:. Lewis Keizer holds a lineage which descended from John Yarkersee Ch. It is generally known that Yarker was a collector of Charters, and like Reuss and Papus after him, it was his dream to unite all the orders, rites etc. The 'Sanctuary' represented all the organisations descending from Yarker and various Portugal successions. The work of the orders mentioned above is synthesized in the teachings of the T:. According to the T:. One exception is the 'filiation of the OMSI'.

François Roque received the S:: The information I received from the OMS. In Luxemburg the OMS. Chambellant held a lineage from Constant Chevillon. They received the original material from Joël Duez Fr. Duez received these documents from the late Marcel Jirousek from Brussels, disciple of the late Robert Ambelain.

Once all lineages were exchanged a formal vote was taken, officers elected…" etc. Robert Ambelain before he died in had said that Martinism would die unless it was re-united and the body of work continued to increase".

The main goal of these Martinists was to preserve the Martinist movement and its future. The Grand officers have an administrative term of office of 5 years. After 5 years one has to step down so as not to create demogogs, and this includes the members of a Supreme Council and Grand Master s. There were also commitees formed to discuss Ritual, teachings and future development "of associate orders and organizations". There's a meeting of the Grand Lodge scheduled for this year in Cincinnati.

Cole at the end of Excerpt ; Proclamation of the birth of the " O rdre M artiniste A ncien". This Martinist Order was founded by S:. Since the Egregore of the Martinist Order has a special nature, it was decided to put its Egregore outside of that of the SRC, "thereby also making it available to people not interested in joining the SRC. Its work and initiations consists both of traditional Martinist material, as well as the possibility to work with Elus Cohen in the higher degrees.

It's my guess that some of these S. These adepts were in fact Elus Cohen members of the highest degree, thus the Order. It has three degrees: Today the GPDG i. There are links to one of the two branches of the O. As stated before, the original Martinist initiation only consisted of one, instead of the usual three, degrees. This Martinist institute was founded by Serge Caillet on August 11, Caillet is a well-known researcher and author.

The institute provides a Martinist correspondence-course. Honorary President is Robert Amadou. This independendent organization was established in and "assembles those who are specialists in the subject of Martinism, in particular Christian Hermetism and of the Western Tradition in general".

Other names mentioned are i. A supplemental journal was founded, "Lettre du Crocodile", which specializes in Masonic, initiatical, magical, and religious subjects. Under the name "Martinisti Napolitani" the disciples of Eliphas Lévi designated a group of Italian students of the "Maestro". Parts of the correspondence between Lévi and Spedalieri were published and are still available.

Apparently there was a continuation of the correspondence published, because documents copies of the correspondence which can be found in the "Veriginelli-Rota" collection were classed under the French title of "Lettres d'Eliphas Lévi au Baron Spedalieri ". Kremm-Erz, who's real name was Ciro Formisano Apparently Izar's De Servis teachings were based upon the A. According to the Order's history one of his main interests was Astrology.

There's a famous book called "Lunazioni" which was published by Kremmerz in the beginning of the 20 th century and which was ascribed to Kremmerz. But Kremmerz always denied to be the author.

Izar also introduced Kremmerz to Papus. During his lifetime, Kremmerz apparently stayed in contact with the French Martinist movement.

Another member of the group was Gaetano Petriccione Morienuswho was a pupil of Spedalieri. The Neapolitan Martinist Order has also a branch in Brazil. Occultism is part of the curriculum of the Order. Howfar the present-day curriculum of the Neapolitan Martinists is based on the A. According to Grand Master Caliel Naples has an Initiatic chain which exists for centuries and which goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

In this context I would also refer to the ancient tradition of the Italian Witches, which is known as "Stregheria". Their mysteries were based on the Isiac- Lunar and Osirian Solar mysteries. He was also the teacher of Baron Tschoudy, who would later found the Hermetic Rite "Etoile Flamboyante", which "system" was based on Hermetism and Alchemy as taught by his Master when he was in Naples around The Prince of Sansevero was a brilliant man, a master of languages incl.

Hebrew and Arabwho specialized in Alchemy and sciences in general. The last years of his life were completely dedicated to embellishing a famous local Chapel with marble works from the greatest artists of the time, "with the aim of making the Chapel the center of the Neapolitan Baroque sculpture, and to leave behind him a cryptic and allegorical message, according to the mystery so present in all his life" Museo Cappella Sansevero,Naples, Italy.

This famous monument is ornamented with alchemical symbolism, according to the Ordine Martinista Napolitano, "this remarkable monument, whose permanent message is under the eyes of all those that can read"…. Caliel was also a bishop of the "Ecclessia Gnostica Apostolica", E. Other lodges followed. Both Frosini and Reghini were prominent Italian esoterists at the time. Reghini "Maximus" was also a dignitary of the Memphis-Misraim Rite and was involved in the establishment of the "Italian Philosophic Rite" of 7 Degrees in The rite was "an attempt to promote unification of the splintered Masonic groups by returning to the Craft's early spiritual roots" 'a Modern Pythagorean', Dana Lloyd Thomas.

Reghini was one of the promoters of Occultism which was based on faith, science, and reason, in Reghini moved to the "UR group" of Julius Evola.

He worked in a close collaboration with Reghini and G. Frosini and Reghini collaborated with many of the prominent European occultists at the time, Yarker, Reuss, Hansen DenmarkCrowley etc.

News from France arrived regarding the reformation of the Martinist Order by Bricaud the "Masonic reorganization". In the situation is not yet solved. On a Convention in Ancona December 9, the Martinist Order is officially re-established in Italy under Artephius protocollo di riunificazione degli Ordini Martinisti italiani, the protocol of re-unification of the Italian Martinist Orders. In Artephius dies and is succeeded by Bandarin Manas S:: Ventura dies in and is succeeded by Sebastiano Caracciolo.

This is the Martinist Order headed by Dr. Caspar Canizzo who claims to be the rightful successor of Gastone Ventura instead of Caracallio. The founders of the Order were former prominent members of the "Ordine Martinista", led by Gastone Ventura Aldeberan at the time.

Several of the members of the Supreme Council of the "Ordine Martinista", among which Luigi Furlotti Aloysius and Francesco Brunelli Nebodid not wish to acknowledge the office of Grand Master Ventura any longer and caused a schism within the Order. Ventura's "Ordine Martinista" was based on the traditional Order of Papus, with an emphasis on the philosophical-metaphysical aspects, but without the possibilities to advance to the so-called "higher degrees" which were also part of Papus' system.

Therefore the "Ordine Martinista di Lingua Italica" was founded with an emphasis on the Operative system of Ambelain "pratiche magico-teurgiche di Ambelain" and the inspiration taken from the French Martinezists, without losing sight of the original intention Devotion, 'the Way of the Heart' as advocated by LC de Saint-Martin.

Luigi Furlotti was appointed as Grand Master. Hardly six months after his appointment as Grand Master Furlotti dies, on April 29, In the following 10 years under Brunelli the order flourished throughout Italy. I members of the Order.

Around there were some internal discords with regard to the S. Brunelli addressed this "problem" at the "Collegoi degli Iniziatori" 'College of Initiators"a convention held in the city of Pieve.

In Brunelli died and his intended successor, Vicenzo Mura "Ram"died within a couple of months of Brunelli; was the "annus horribilis" of the Order. Goivanni refuses the assignment. It was Renato Comin"Libertus", who would finally succeed Brunelli. Apparently it was decided that Libertus was chosen for a period of seven years, but he already stepped down after two years -in - due to health problems. On December 2,Goivanni is chosen 17 votes in favour from a total of 32 as the new Grand Master.

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