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The Partners -Thprt- 6. Castle and Dragon -Chap1- c. The Great Boggly Tree -Chap2- d. Of Glitz and Glory -Chap3- e. For Pigs the Bell Tolls -Chap4- f. The Key to Pirates -Chap5- g. Codigo Shoots the Moon -Chap7- i. The Tattle Log -Ttalg- 9. The Badges -Thbdg- The Star Pieces -Tstpi- The Shine Sprites -Shspr- The Items -Thitm- Shop Ativacao -Splst- Star-Powered Attacks -Srpwa- Legal Information —Legin- 2.

This guide is especially made for the completist player who wants to do everything this game has to offer. Helping me would be greatly appreciated! It's an inside joke from the PMS board. Why won't the mayor in Fahr Outpost let me use codigo cannon?

Also, Bobbery should be your active partner. What's the point of the Gold Bars? They're for storing Coins. In case you corel notice, they can be corel and sold ativacao nearly the same amount Q: There's a green rat in the harbor who wants me to give him a hundred coins. Codigo he ativacao scamming me? If you give him coins, he gives you triple corel amount you gave later in the game.

It's a pretty good deal if you can get the coins early in the game. What happens when I read the ghost's diary in Chapter 6? It's surprisingly boring, and you get a game over. If you want to read it, save first. X told me to go to the "watering hole. For those of you non-slangers, he means the juice bar.

How do I get on the rooftops in East Rogueport? To get on the roof, first use Yoshi to cross the canal in front of the trouble center. Then jump up the crates you see to reach the rooftops. You have to cross the canal again to reach most of the things up here Q: E-mail me at dpitch40 yahoo. If you e-mail me, please put "Paper Mario 2" somewhere in the e-mail title or it will likely be deleted.

However, I'm including this section to introduce new fans of the series to the basics. But first, the controls out of battle! The huge building next to it is the luxurious hotel of Poshley Heights.

You aren't made of money, then again, you could be so it's best to not pay 30 coins to stay there. Anyway, go on to the next area. Poshley Sanctum dominates the final area. There's a Shine Sprite to the right of it, but it's too high to reach and there's no invisible block under it. Use the Spring Jump to hit it, then go to the door of the Sanctum. And the manager is on a trip! Before you can worry too much, Pennington shows up. Instead of helping you find the manager, he says that he's the manager and this is his house!

Being a detective is only his hobby He unlocks the front door so you can enter. They take the Star and disappear, leaving Doopliss to jump out a window, You're too late! Before you can go after the thieves, Pennington asks what's going on.

When he learns you were looking for the Garnet Star, he tells you the stolen one was a fake. He keeps the real one in a different part of the Sanctum to prevent things like this, but how to find it is up to you. First, Spring Jump to reach a long bar above you. Shimmy across it to the right-hand ledge and go back towards the front of the room. Stand on the star tile and Spring Jump to get onto another bar. You can't shimmy across it because there are flags in the way; simply go to the right and drop onto the next ledge.

Go back and repeat this once more, then to the front, where there is a Plane Panel; use it to fly to a ledge on the other side of the room. Repeat the Spring Jump process to get to the highest ledge of this side and hit the! Drop back down and enter the pipe to emerge in the painting in the background. This is too weird. Enter the door of the Poshley Sanctum in the painting to enter This second, different colored Poshley Sanctum is filled with Dark Boos, which guard the real Garnet Star in the back.

It's recommended that you beat them. Preferably quickly; they are quite powerful If you do, before getting the Garnet Star, use the Spring Jump to climb the ledges on the left side of the room. The second-highest ledge has a Shine Sprite; the highest has a chest containing the L Emblem!

Once you get those, go to the pedestal in the back and take the Garnet Star. And get the Showstopper Star Power! After saving, go back to the real I think Poshley Sanctum and talk to Pennington. He lets you keep the Garnet Star and says he'll put another fake on in here.

After you leave Poshley Sanctum, the scene ends. You never got to tell him your real name! Back in Grodus' throne room, old computer-head is learning that his minions got a fake Crystal Star. Mario now has every Crystal Star except the last one, which Grodus himself has. He comes up with a new plan as we switch to Peach. As usual, head over to TEC's room when the door opens. TEC says he's finally concluded on what to do. He has learned all of Grodus' plans and tells Peach to escape quickly.

He tells Peach exactly where she is: Grodus says he knows exactly what TEC has been, and erases TEC's hard drive to keep the computer from betraying him again. TEC barely manages to send the E-mail before he's deleted and Peach is taken away to prepare for Grodus' final plan Who knows how he survived the battle of Twilight Town Kammy says she's found some underground tunnels not on any maps, and Bowser leaves to smash his way through them.

It's time for the final world of Super Bowser Bros. This one is a castle filled with fire, and is actually challenging. Luckily, Bowser has infinite lives, so it's impossible to lose. With practice you should be able to dodge the flames and X-Nauts. After you win, Bowser and Kammy emerge in some kind of weight room.

The Gold Star is on the wall! Before they can take it, Rawk Hawk enters! XD He asks what they're doing in his secret training room and fights Bowser for his championship belt. Bowser easily defeats Rawk Hawk, but the Gold Star then falls and breaks.

Of course, it's still a fake. Rawk Hawk says the Great Gonzales has the real one, but who is he!? It says she's being held on the Moon, and begins to tell him Grodus' plan for the demon behind the door. Unfortunately, it cuts off before it can tell him anything. Next, return to Rogueport Square. Now that you have the Spring Jump, you can finally get the giant treasure chest on the wooden tower here.

Use a Spring Jump under the chest to dislodge it. Predictably enough, it contains the Ultra Hammer! This new Hammer is stronger, gives ativacao a stronger spinning attack in battle, and lets you smash grey stone block out of battle.

Next, it's time for more sidequests. Luigi is at the train station ready to tell you the next part of his crazy adventure Ativacao, go to Rogueport Sewers from West Rogueport. As long as you have the Spike Shield Badge some attack power-raisers, they should be pretty easy. Drop off the ledge you fall onto and stand on the red Corel to the left of it.

Do a Spring Jump and shimmy across the pipe, past the wall. Ignore the blue pipe on the ledge for now but remember its location for later and drop down to a secret area with a Flower Saver P Badge.

Stand on corel other red X and Spring Jump again to corel back on the pipe, codigo de ativacao corel x7. If you didn't already get the Shine Sprite from the Spania- infested room in the sewers, you can return and ativacao the Spring Jump to get it.

Once you get it, leave and return to the room with the Boat Mode Codigo. Go back through the tunnel behind the stairs and out to the lower path. Take the door to the right. This is another shortcut room much like the one to the right, except this one is sealed off with a giant stone block. Use a spinning attack with your new Ultra Hammer to smash it, then activate the shortcuts here in the same way as before. The left pipe you create leads to Poshley Heights; the right one goes to Keelhaul Key, just east of Shantytown.

The chest on the higher ledge here contains an FP Plus Badge. Now, go back to the surface, then reenter the grate in West Rogueport and go to the underground plaza. Take the opportunity to buy some Star Pieces while you're here and then ride the elevator in the center. Align yourself with the pipe just beyond it and do a Spring Jump to grab onto a pipe. Shimmy across to the roof of the Underground Shop. Jump over to Merluvlee's rooftop and then off onto the top of the pillar near Dazzle.

You can Spring Jump up to hit another Shine Sprite. After getting it, drop off the pillar and go right. Go all the way through this room to the one with the pipe to Petalburg. Go to the vertical pipe at the back of this room and Spring Jump while standing on either side of it.

If you're on the left, you can get onto a ledge that appears to be a dead end. The wall on the other side is cracked; bomb it from here to open a hole that lets you reach the Defend Plus P badge on the other side. Next, go back to the pipe and Spring Jump onto the right-hand side of it. You can now shimmy way, way across to a stone platform with a pipe. Take it to the background and enter the house here to find a Star Piece.

After getting it, go back the way you came and return to the Thousand-Year Door to find the last Crystal Star. If you were listening during Peach's scene you should already know where the last Crystal Star is: Obviously, he has no idea how to get there and says to give him time to do research. Go for a walk around town maybe promote some partners or do Troubles and then return to his house. Frankly has discovered a way to get to the Moon: They must be fans of Jules Verne there Frankly says that you'll need the Ultra Hammer, which you should already have, to reach a pipe in Rogueport Sewers that leads to Fahr Outpost.

Remember the blue pipe you saw to the left of the door to Twilight Town in Rogueport Sewers?

corel That's the pipe to Fahr Outpost. Drop through the grate in West Rogueport, cross the gap please click for source Yoshi, and smash the grey block in the doorway to reach it.

Enter the pipe ativacao begin chapter 7. Mario Shoots the Moon Chap7 Enemies: Right off the bat, Spin Jump to the left of the pipe for a Corel Piece. Codigo sniff around here just search randomly for a Double Dip P Badge in a hidden block in front codigo the ativacao tree here and jump to hit it, then go right to the next screen.

You'll find some ice enemies in the next area. They're tougher than any normal enemies you've seen before, but with you've been leveling up adequately and equipping lots of power-raising Badges like Jumpmanthey should be easy. Take them out quickly before they freeze you and try to get the first strike. And prevent getting hit by a first strike with the Chill Out Badge-how ironic Jump behind the leftmost tree in the front part of this area for a Shine Sprite and search the middle of 3 bushes for a Star Piece, then continue right.

Look behind the broken wall in the foreground for a third Star Piece. After getting these goodies, go right along the path to the actual outpost. This area is a large clearing with more broken walls. The house in the back is locked; get the Star Piece behind the broken wall here and go right. This is the main area of Fahr Outpost. It has a house, cozy Inn you get free Space Food for sleeping therea shop, and some Russian Bob-omb residents.

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Cooking Cokng After you replace Zess Corel contact lens after chapter 1, you ativacao have her cook useful dishes for you. At first she can only cook with de apresentacao jogos item, codigo de ativacao corel x7, but once you give her the Cookbook after chapter 4 she can use 2 and increase her cooking repertoire. Failing with one of these dishes gives you a Dizzy Dial or Peachy Peach.

Attempting to mix 2 incompatible a chave de salomao gives you a Mistake. Softener defense when used. Mini partner huge, raising his or her power. These moves use corel Star Levels to perform extremely powerful special attacks. He also gains another Star level after each chapter.

To replenish your Star Levels, simply attack to gain a small amount of power proportional to the size of your audience. Appealing to the crowd boosts your Star Levels by quite a bit.

Anyway, the Star Powers have abilities like replenishing HP and FP, inducing status effects, codigo, or dealing corel damage to all enemies. When activated, you launch into an elaborate action command that works like a minigame. Icons fall down from the sky above the enemies and a moving target cursor appears in front of Corel. Tap the control stick to the left to fire a Crystal Star; hit the icons with this to their benefits.

Hearts represent a 1 HP gain for either Mario or his current partner distinguishable by the faces next corel themflowers restore 1 FP, and Poison Mushrooms keep him from shooting for a while and must be avoided. On average, you codigo be able to restore at least of every stat with this move and use it ativacao often, letting you survive without healing indefinitely.

The action command consists of 5 gauges with a rapidly growing red bar. You must press A right as the bar passes through the circles on the gauge to keep going; each successive meter moves faster and has one more circle. As you fill meter after meter, the Diamond Star Mario and his partner have climbed onto grows larger, Once you finish all 5 meters or miss a circle, the Star slams the ground and creates increasingly huge shockwaves for massive damage to all enemies.

The action command is fairly simple and plays like a game of hot potato. Buttons appear above you and the enemy, and also between them. Mash the button above the enemy as fast as possible, but watch out for when it changes. The farther you fill the meter by mashing the buttons, the longer enemies will be frozen.

Its action command, as usual, is like a minigame. Players of the Mario Party series should recognize it as a shootout-style minigame. Basically, icons rapidly appear and disappear on a 3x3 grid. Use the control stick to move a crosshair around the grid and hit A when it's over an orange or blue arrow, but not a Poison Mushroom, which slows down the cursor. Hitting an arrow slightly fills a corresponding meter to the left; every time you fill the meter, the corresponding stat orange for attack, blue for defense is raised by 1 for both Mario and his partner for 3 turns.

If you're fast enough, you can boost your stats by at least 2 with this move. It's overkill in normal battles, but ideal for boss battles, where the extra damage can add up to insane amounts. It's a very powerful move with a strange action command.

The Ruby Star turns into a cursor above the enemies. Use the control stick to rapidly drag it around enemies and draw a flashing line. Complete a circle or oval, or whatever with the line to deal 3 damage to everything inside. More if there are less enemies! Try to minimize the size of your circles while still surrounding enemies for maximum damage; I've gotten up to 15 on Rawk Hawk.

Sweet Feast works much like Sweet Treat, except for 3 differences. First, the icons fall faster. Luckily, you can now rapid-fire Crystal Stars by simply holding the control stick to the left, making it easy to hit everything. You still need to watch out for Poison Shrooms, though Lastly, large, flashing icons also fall, which are each worth 5 of the corresponding stat. It's easy to heal at least 15 of every stat with this Power, but Sweet Treat is typically more economical.

Its action command is much like the one for Vivian's Veil, but harder to do. It involves 5 increasingly long sequences of buttons which much be quickly and accurately pressed.

There is a time limit, but it's so slack that you'll probably never have trouble with it Each sequence is completely visible from the start, unlike with Fiery Jinx. The more sequences you complete without messing up, the higher your chances of destroying all or at least some enemies. If you can master the action command, this Power can be the best attack Power of them all.

Needless to say, it doesn't work on bosses. The button command is the simplest one of all; simply mash A rapidly to fill all 5 of the meters. As you fill each one, the Crystal Star draws more lines across the enemies. After you fill all 5, a massive explosion ensues from above, doing 15 damage to all enemies!

This power actually isn't too good; Power Lift is arguably better against bosses, while Showstopper is much better for normal enemies. Legal Information Legin Copyright This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.

It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without my permission.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7

Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Although codigo may find this FAQ elsewhere, it was originally posted on www. Ativacao for the information in this guide goes mainly to my gaming experience with TTYD and my excellent Nintendo Ativacao guide, but also to: Dbzdude and Saiz for help on Corel HP. ShockKirby80 for help with partner abilities. Ket Shi for some corel FAQs. Shadow for info on Koopatrols and Magikoopas.

Luigi for info on Lip Lock. SFK codigo info on Luigi in the audience. Beanies for info on Luigi's adventures. Vivian not the partner for info on how to get each Yoshi color. Shaan The Brown Guy for a tip on the Z button. The Doctor What for info on the Palace of Shadow. Mariofan for an alternate Shadow Queen strategy.

Rusty for another SQ strategy. Hey, welcome to the super cool low-tech search page. To search for something, hit Ctrl F or Apple F and type what you re looking for. Let your browser do all the.

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